Month: July 2015

Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular city in Far East and known for its vibrant energy. It is a combination between cosmopolitan lifestyle and exotic traditional values. Being a former colony of the Great Britain, we should be able to find many English signs, despite the fact that it is now a special territory of People’s …

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First Impression in Pyongyang

There are many options that we can choose when we are planning to travel to different countries. Many people would choose sitting on a tropical beach and waking up leisurely around midday after an exciting stroll in nightlife district. We would like to see places and do everything freely. However, for serious travellers, there is …

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Visiting Gambia

Gambia is a small country in Africa and probably one of the least known tourism destinations in the continent. It has a narrow strip of coast on the Atlantic Ocean. English is commonly spoken in Gambia and this will help travellers immensely. Gambia is known for a wide range of historical and natural heritage, such …

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